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32549 Switzerland stamp booklets 1953-2006.


Collection MNH and canceled stamp booklets of Switzerland 1953-2006 in album, in which e.g. (Michel no’s): MNH: 38a**, 39** (2x), 45x**, 47**, 52** (2x), canceled: 136 (3x), 137, 139, 145, 146, 147, etc. Catalogue value over 3100 euros (MNH 1070 euros, canceled 2050 euros).

32598 South Africa and States 1875-1938.


Beautiful collection of over 1300(!) covers and postal stationeries of South Africa and South African States 1875-1938 in 10 albums.

32548 Faroe Islands 1975-2005.


Almost complete, MNH stamp collection Faroe Islands 1919-2005 in luxe Leuchtturm album.

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32611 German Zones 1945-1949.


MNH, mint hinged and used, somewhat specialised lot postage stamps, sheets, sheetparts German Zones 1945-1949 in 2 stockbooks and 1 folder. Nice lot with better stamps, sheetmargin inscriptions, various covers, plateflaws, varieties, etc. Also some other German material present, amongst which German Reich inflation (including signed stamps), combinations Bundespost (also on cover), etc.

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32570 Sweden cancels 1858-1940.


Wonderful collection of approx. 7500 stamps and 20 covers from Sweden 1858-1940 with many beautiful cancels, including scarce ones, also on better stamps, in 2 stockbooks.

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32600 Samoa 1886-1900.


Incredible lot of many different values, mainly in complete sheets and/or sheetparts, fantastic lot for retailing, unchecked and unpicked for printing errors, overprints with varieties, very many gutterpairs present (unlisted in any catalogue!!), mainly mint never hinged (but also some soiling etc.), Stanley Gibbons ex. 57/97, catalogue value over 60.000 POUND (= over 70.000 EURO!!), offered at a fraction of catalogue value!!!

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32610 Europa CEPT 1956-2003.


In the mainnumbers complete, MNH stamp collection Europa CEPT 1956-2003, including souvenir sheets and various fore runners and co runners in 6 Davo luxe albums with slipcases. Enormous catalogue value!

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32609 Netherlands stamp booklets 1964-2002.


In the mainnumbers complete (without the phosphor booklets) collection stamp booklets of the Netherlands 1964-2002 in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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32620 British colonies ca. 1857-1953.


Fantastic, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection of English colonies in above average quality on albumpages in 3 springbacks and in 2 stockbooks. The collection is very well filled with many good stamps such as (Stanley Gibbons no’s): extensive 1st issues Barbados, issue 1897 (Diamond jubilee) mint hinged complete (SG 116-124), issue 1905 mint hinged complete (135-144), 1912 mint hinged complete (170-180), 201-212*, Bechuanaland 11*, 26*, seahorses 1915 2/6 and 5 shillings mint hinged, many Rhodesia including issue 1910 (double heads) up to 5 shillings, many 1st issues Ceylon, including mint hinged, Suez canal stamps mint hinged and specialised on plate, Gold Coast 47, 48* (20 shillings), 48 (signed), Gambia 1st issues, 37-44*, Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika 34-42*, Nyassaland 26 unused and canceled, 65*, 79*, 98 (fiscally used), expanded Indian States including various postal stationery, North Borneo 36-48*, 49* 57*, 66-79*, 92-109*, 110-111*, 112-126*, 127-143*, 146-157*, 158-176*, 214-232*, 235-250*, 253-275*, 277-292*, Japanese occupation North Borneo J20-32* (no. 32 canceled), nice part of NW Pacific Islands overprints, including 1 pound mint hinged, Papua 130-145* (no. 145 canceled), Southern Rhodesia 1-14*, 15-27*, Northern Rhodesia 1-17 (*), Tobago 1*, 2*, 3*, 4, 13*, 28*, 29*, nice part OS perforations and overprints of Australia, including O124**, O128-132** in MNH gutter pairs with Ash Imprint, nice part postage due stamps of Australia, Bahawalpur 34** with specimen overprint, 39-42 with specimen overprint, service O1-6**, O7**, O11-13* (2x), Pakistan service O1-13**, O14-26*, O27-31**, 35-44** good Nova Scotia including 2 nice letters, Turks and Caicos Islands 101- 109*, 115-126*, 129-139*, Seychelles 1-8*, 9-14*, 28-36* 46-56*, 60-70*, 71-81*, 82-97**/* , 98-123**/* 135-149**/* in various perforations and colors, St. Vincent 42-45*, 47-53*, 67-75*, 76-84*, 85-93*, 108-120*, 131-141*, St. Lucia 39-42*, 43-52*, 53-56*, 64-77*, 78-88*, New Hebrides 18-28*, 35* (2x), 52-63**, postage dues 1-5**, 6-10**/*, good classic Grenada, very extensive Morocco Agencies, BIOT with plate errors (missing points in overprint), good Levant, Zanzibar, Straits Settlements, etc. etc. Extreme catalogue value!

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32619 Thematics: stamp on stamps and Rowland Hill 1979.


MNH, thematic stamp collection stamp on stamp and Rowland Hill (you know, the guy that invented the stamps) 1979 (100 year anniversary) in album and stckbook, in which sets, souvenir sheets, gutterpairs etc.

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32617 British colonies 1860-1960.


Extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection British colonies 1860-1960 in 5 stockbooks. Collection contains many stamps, including some better ones.

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32599 Latin America 1850-1995.


Nice, mint hinged and used stamp collection Latin America 1850-1995 in 2 albums and 1 stockbook, in which many countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Nicaragua etc.

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