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38818 Mongolia 1973-2000.


MNH lot Mongolia 1973-2000 in sheets and sheet parts, including many souvenir sheets and good thematics, in box.

37760 Asia 1887-2011.


Several nice (part)collections incl. good China from 1949 onwards in 2 stockbooks, Hong Kong modern mint never hinged incl. many sets, booklets and sheetlets, massive amount of Thailand from earlies onwards, partly heavily duplicated including very many blocs, Indonesia Vienna printings including good sheetlets, north and South Vietnam incl. better, Laos with many better issues etc. etc. housed in 25 big and small binders + big pile of albumpages, in 2 big boxes. Very nice lot, offered intact!

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37775 Asia 1863-1998.


Several good one country collections (part of the stamps needs to be mounted), including powerful Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Persia, Mongolia, Philippines, Ryukyu Islands, former Sovjet republics etc. in 9 albums. Great collection to continue!

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37664 Laos 1951-2002.


Truly fantastic, MNH, mint hinged and canceled stamp collection Laos 1951-2002 in 3 blank Schaubek albums, in which very much good material such as (Michel no’s): 42*, 49-53, 318-322** imperforated, 437-441B**, 458-460B**, 599-617, 599-617** (1982 overprints, no. 599 missing, 600a and 601a canceled, cat. € 1980), 801-812** (1985 overprints, 806 and 809 missing, 803 and 807 canceled, including 802 I** (1895) and 802** inverted overprint, cat € 1800), 1685-1693**, souvenir sheet 1-26**, 28**, 29A**, 29B**, 30A**, 30B**, 31x**, 35I**, 47I**, 47II**, 48**, 61-64A**, A72-E72**, 174-176**, 177B **, 178B**, 190B**, 191B**, Pathet Lao 1-4, 5-8, 9-15(*), etc. Also many FDC’s and genuine covers present. Very nice collection!

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37311 Asia till 2017.


Mainly MNH stamp collection Bangladesh, Burma, Palestine, etc. in 5 thick stockbooks. Additional a book with a collection of Mother Teresa present.

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36488 Asia 1860-1930.


Mint hinged and used stamp collection Asia 1860-1930 in old, large Yvert album, in which nice Dutch east Indies, Thailand, Persia, etc.

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36497 Nepal 1887-1990.


Nice collection of covers and postal stationery from Nepal 1887-1990 in album.

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34402 Taiwan covers 1960-2000.


Box with more than 400, mainly really used, covers from Taiwan 1960-2000, including some incoming covers to Taiwan.

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33110 Asia 1855-1981.


Extensive, mainly canceled stamp collection Asia 1855-1981, in which many different countries, on blank pages in 6 self-made albums.

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31355 Asia covers 1900-1980.


Over 400 in total, the majority of which are commercial covers, with First Days, First Flights, Maximum Cards, Expo cards and country-related foreign items included as well; nearly half are from China (PRC or Taiwan), with the other half spread out over Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam; most to Europe (though we note several local PRC covers), thus many Airmail and/or Registered usages; majority of items run from the 1970s-90s, with Afghan covers dating from the 1950s; Japan including a colorful five-stamp franking from 1951, vended labels from numerous cities from the 1970s and ’80s (unused, several looking to be lottery-type items), an Akihito Investiture maximum card, and a ship-themed, “Raw Silk” advertising card of Masuzawa Seishi; South Korea mostly from the 1960s, with numerous First Days, including 1958 and 1960 Christmas/New Year stamps plus a number of souvenir sheets from the period; Thailand with colorful frankings and computer-vended labels; Vietnam mostly 1960s, with a real photo 1957 postcard of Angkor and even a 1907 French Indochina-franked postcard; China includes a “Sea Mail” handstamped cover, several Dues markings (“T” and “Taxe Perçue” chops), a slew of maximum cards (mostly of Taiwan commemoratives of the 1970s), unmailed picture post cards of Xi’an, etc., etc.; good condition throughout, Fine to Very Fine, some uncommon material included.

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