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34611 Thematics Animals 1960-2000.


MNH sets and souvenir sheets with motif animals 1960-2000 in stockbook, which also contains some other motifs.

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34516 Motif Scouting 1931-2007.


Mainly MNH sets and souvenir sheets with Scouting motif, including imperforate material and a lot of documentation in 8 self-made albums.

34501 Theme animals 1960-2002.


MNH lot sets and souvenir sheet with butterflies and insects 1960-2002 on stockcards, including better stamps, definitive sets etc. Large quantity!

34515 United Nations 1951-2005.


Nearly complete, MNH, mint hinged and used, partly double stamp collection United Nations 1951-2005 (New York, Geneva and Vienna) in 8 luxe albums and various extras. Bargain!

34497 Theme Lions Club 1957-2014.


MNH stamp collection sets and souvenir sheets with motif Lions Club 1957-2014 in stockbook and also 2 albums with more than 150 covers and cards.

34499 Theme Rotary 1931-2011.


Extensive canceled stamp collection Rotary in 2 albums and 1 stockbook, in which many covers and cards with special cancels, Rotary set Austria canceled, etc. Nice collection!

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34486 USA philatelic labels 1926-1960.


Album with over 300 mit hinged labels for philatelic exhibitions of USA 1926-1960. Nice material!

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34425 Thematics Golf 1959-2012.


Very extensive, MNH stamp collection sets, souvenir sheets, silver and gold stamps, kleinbogen, booklets etc. with theme Golf in 8 Leuchtturm stockbooks.

34431 Olympics 1964-1968.


Beautiful, MNH stamp collection Olympic Games 1964 and 1968 in 4 special Leuchtturm albums, in which sets, souvenir sheets, varieties, imperforate material (including Monaco), gold and silver stamps, etc. Lots of rare material present!

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34434 Olympics 1920-1976.


Nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Olympic Games 1920-1976 in 2 blanc albums, in which many MNH sets and souvenir sheets, golden stamps, imperforate material etc.

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34290 Theme animals MNH 1926-2005.


Beautiful, MNH thematic lot of stamps and souvenir sheets of animals from all over the world, including British colonies definitive sets, better Asia, many World Wildlife Fund issues, imperforated, nominal, etc. in 10 bindings (some canceled material also present).

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34147 Motif Aerospace 1928(!)-1999.


Very extensive collection of Motif Space Travel 1928-1999 from various countries, covers and FDCs, special issues, including rockets, satellites, Apollo 11, 12 etc. Copernicus, Skylab etc. in box, more than 1000 items!