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35735 New Zealand 1856-2000.


Highly specialised (types, watermarks, paper, color nuances, varieties, etc.), canceled stamp collection and accumulation New Zealand 1856-2000 in 4 stockbooks, including beautiful part imperforated and perforated Chalons, issue 1873-1878 to 5 shillings, 1891-1908 to 5 shillings, a good part of postal-fiscal stamps, etc.

35823 British Commonwealth gutterpairs.


Stockbook with a MNH stamp collection gutter pairs of various countries in the British Commonwealth, including face value material.

35832 Western Australia 1893.


Mint (without gum) postal-fiscal stamps of Western Australia 1893, 3 penny to 1 shilling (all 2x, of the 1 shilling 1 copy has a fold). Catalogue value Stanley Gibbons £1250!

35706 Hong Kong 1935-1997.


Mainly MNH lot Hong Kong 1935-1997 in 3 stockbooks, in which better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 171-172 (Royal Silver Wedding 1953), 173-176*, 212-213** (2x), 218-221**, 224 -226** 227-228**, 230-231**, 232-237** (2x), 242-243**, 246-247**, 253-254**, souvenir sheet 1** (2x ), 2**, 7**, 8**, etc.

35765 Fiji 1871-1893.


Wonderful classic lot in quantities, mint, specialised with types, perf/imperf, perfs, overprints, varieties, values from 1/2d to 5 shilling, on albumpages. Seldom offered in such quantity, many very hard to get stamps present!!

35700 Great Britain machins 1971-2018!!


Lifework of a collector, extremely specialised mainly mnh collection of the sought after machin stamps, values 1/2p to 5 pound, specialised with papers, perfs, phosphor (incl. varieties!), regionals very extensive incl. the very difficult issues, 1st large and 2nd large, high values, tons of cylinder blocs incl. many hard to get items, coil strips of 6 and 11, booklets, booklet panes etc. etc. housed in 16 albums and 2 stockbooks. The face value alone is over 4600 POUND = over 5400 EURO!!! Offered below face value, impossible to find such a wonderful collection at such a low price!!

35776 New Zealand 1858-1994.


Very nice mint/used/mint never hinged collection, not so strong in early issues, but from 1936 onwards nearly complete incl. sheetlets, also nice back of the book + a collection Ross Dependency from 1957-2016(!), in 3 albums. Offered very cheap!

35787 Papua New guinea covers 1945-1952.


Wonderful collection (airmail)covers, franked with Australian stamps incl. better frankings, destinations, cancellations, many registered items, seldom offerd in such quantity! Great lot for specialist!!

35818 Australia covers 1860-1966.


Nice lot older covers and first day covers including better, also 2 modern (expensive) coincovers

35789 South Africa and territories 1855-1999.


Nice collection incl. Cape of good Hope with 8 triangles incl. 4d woodblock (little thin), Transvaal, Zululand, SWA, Basutoland etc. in 2 stockbooks, also very wellfilled collection South Africa from 1910 onwards in expensive Lighthouse album, bargain!

35793 Cape of good Hope cancellations 18701904.


Nice collection of numeral cancels on many different values incl. better values, cancels mostly very clearly visible, between number 1 and 1344, on albumpages, in folder. Offered very seldom!

35715 Great Britain 1981-2021!!!


Great mint never hinged collection of sets, sheetlets, also panes from prestige booklets, several prestige- and stampbooklets, many of the modern issues 2x present, housed in 4 big fat stockbooks. Collections to very recent are not offered very often. The face value alone is over 5030 pound = around 6000 euro!!! Offered well below face value!!