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35753 Bundespost 1949-2013.


Apparently complete, mainly MNH (until ca. 1970 mostly hinged) stamp collection Bundespost 1949-2013, in which all expensive stamps from the first years, extensive nominal part including stamp booklets in 6 albums with slipcases. High catalogue value and face value!

35827 Sovietzone and GDR 1945-1990.


Almost complete (without souvenir sheets), mainly canceled stamp collection Soviet zone and GDR 1945-1990 in Davo album.

35833 Austria cancels 1908-1910.


Beautiful cancel collection Austria 1908-1910 on stock sheets in folder.

35708 GDR 1949-1990.


As good as complete, DOUBLE, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection DDR 1949-1990, including souvenir sheets, the good items, back of the book, some stamp booklets, etc. in 7 stockbooks.

35774 GDR 1950-1990.


Complete mainly mint never hinged collection incl. all expensive sets and singles, also the blocs incl. the expensive blocs (few earlies some tone spots), also good service, in 3 homemade albums. Very high catalogue value!

35766 Berlin 1948-1990.


Complete mainly used collection incl. all key stamps and sets, 1st sheetlet (mint), missing only 1 low value stamp, in 2 expensive Safe albums. Very high catalogue value!!

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35762 German Zones 1945-1949.


MNH, mint hinged and used, largely double stamp collection German Zones 1945-1949 in stockbook, in which, in addition to some nice varieties, also better stamps such as (Michel no’s): Baden 42-45**, 46 I**, 46 II** (!) , souvenir sheet 1A*, 1B*, 2(*), Soviet Zone 20-22*, souvenir sheet 3A(*), 3A, 3B**, 3B, 6** (Goethe), etc.

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35729 Germany combinations 1920-1980.


MNH, mint hinged and used lot combinations of Germany 1920-1980 in various stockbooks, in which better items such as (Michel no’s): German Reich stamp booklet 14 (Germania, 1 sheet stuck), 43 (Winterhifswerke 1936), Heftchenblatt 59*, 60*, 62*, 70*, 71*, 103*, 104*, W21.3*, W22*, K11, KZ18, KZ19, etc.

35485 Germany Propaganda Cards.


Huge SUPER collection of 672 (!), most different propaganda cards of Germany, both mint and used, including rare material in 11 albums. A true historical document.

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35512 Germany bases 1914-1918.


Lot of over 55 covers and cards from Zeppelin bases in Germany during the 1st World War, extensively described on cards in box. Very rare material!

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35491 Germany covers and FDC’s 1947-1990.


Very extensive lot of covers and first day envelopes from Germany 1947-1990, mainly GDR including better ones. Thousands of pieces in 2 large boxes.

35534 GDR 1949-1990.


Nearly complete, MNH and mint hinged stamp collection GDR 1949-1990 in 3 Davo cristal albums, in which also Debria sheet MNH and 4 Karl Marx sheets (2x MNH, 2x hinged).

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