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39714 Great Britain 1870-2000.


Nice variety lot including a decent collection in album, stockbook with perfins, stockbook with booklets including better old booklets and modern booklets 1st class with lots of face value + a book with cancellations, postal strike stamps and covers etc. Nice mixed lot, offered very cheap!

39638 Great Britain 1840-1974.


Mainly used partly specialised collection including 2x penny black, very much surface printed including the better and high values, platenumbers including better, many 5sh and 10sh values, in old Yvert album.

39624 Great Britain 1840-1935.


Small stockbook with mainly better stamps, penny black, 5sh and 10sh Victuria unused with specimen overprints (cat. 3300 pound together), lots of surface printed in quantities, mainly decent stamps up to the high values and better platenumbers, fascinating little lot!

39605 Great Britain 1840-1970.


Extensive, mainly canceled lot Great Britain 1840-1970, including many good stamps such as penny black 1840 (3x), embossed set multiple, 5 pound orange Victoria (!), 1 pound brown Victoria (wm 3 crowns), etc. in thick stockbook. Very high catalogue value!

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39609 Great Britain classic 1840-1910.


Nice lot of canceled classic stamps from Great Britain 1840-1910, partly specialised on plate numbers, in 2 stockbooks. Nice lot for plate flaws, cancels, etc. Huge catalogue value!

39670 Great Britain 19840-1922.


Nice specialised collection in mainly far above average condition, starting with 2x penny black, 2d blue, 1d red imperf with inverted watermark, also ivory head, 1847 embossed set of 3 with good margins (10d with huge margins!), very powerful surface printed including the expensive platenumbers, several stamps used abroad, several mint stamps, also many stamps with inverted watermark, 1867: 5sh plate 2 used, 1884: 9d with specimen, 1887: 9d inverted watermark, also wonderful and valuable section officials including many key stamps, on albumpages, in folder. Massive catalogue value!!

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39592 Great Britain 1971-2019!


For 99% complete mint never hinged collection sets and sheetlets of the commemoratives (no definitives present), housed in 6 expensive Davo de luxe albums + slipcases. Massive new issue price, now offered much cheaper!

39570 Great Britain 1840-1997.


Almost complete, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Great Britain, Channel Islands offices abroad 1840-1997, including many good stamps such as (Stanley Gibbons no’s): penny black 1840, embossed stamps, 126(*) (5 shilling Victoria), 151, 212 (Victoria 1 pound green), 266 (Edward, 1 pound green), 438 (PUC pound), very well filled part officials, postage due stamps, Guernsey, Jersey and Man apparently complete, etc. in bulging Global Stamp Album.

39700 GB Officials 1882-1904.


Fantastic mint/used quality collection, all stamps look ok to us and several signed, including IR official 1882 to 1sh used, 1888/1901 to 1sh, 1902/4 to 1sh, O.W. Official incl. 1896 1/2d and 1d mint, 1901/2: 1/2d mint and the very rare 10d mint (signed Stanley Gibbons, cat. value 7250 pound!!), 1902 O.W. official complete including 2d, 2 1/2d and 10d mint (all signed!!!), Army officials mint, Govt parcels complete used, Board of Education incl. 1902: 5d used, 1902/4 to 2 1/2d used, Royal Household 1/2d and 1d mint, Admirality including types, on Lighthouse pages, in folder. Catalogue value Stanley Gibbons 71.700+ POUND = 83.000+ EURO!!! Incredible collection!!!

39608 Great Britain 1840-1965.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and (mainly) used stamp collection Great Britain 1840-1965, partly specialised (plate numbers, colors etc.), including good stamps such as penny black 1840 (2x), embossed stamps 1847, 2 shilling brown (!, Stanely Gibbons 121), 1 pound green Edward (266), seahorses 10 shilling re-engraved MNH (452), etc. in old Leuchtturm album.

39644 Great Britain 1880-2002.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Great Britain 1880-2002 in 2 Davo albums.

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39643 Great Britain 1841-1992.


Nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used starter collection Great Britain 1841-1992 in Davo album.

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