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35704 Italian territories and colonies 1900-1950.


Extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used lot of Italian territories and colonies 1900-1950 in album and 2 stockbooks, in which, in addition to a good part of the Italian colonies, also various cinderellas and local stamps. Exciting, adventurous party!

35753 Bundespost 1949-2013.


Apparently complete, mainly MNH (until ca. 1970 mostly hinged) stamp collection Bundespost 1949-2013, in which all expensive stamps from the first years, extensive nominal part including stamp booklets in 6 albums with slipcases. High catalogue value and face value!

35838 France 1938-1981.


Beautiful, mainly MNH engros lot France 1938-1981 in glassines, in which better 1950s, coins datés, sheetparts, epreuves, back of the book etc. in box. High catalogue value and face value!

35836 Netherlands 2001-2011.


Nicely filled, canceled (partly from subscription) stamp collection Netherlands 2001-2011 in 3 self-made albums.

35837 Belgium 1860-2008.


MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Belgium 1860-2008 in 3 blanc albums, in which a.o. a lot of nominal material.

35785 Belgium 1849-1960.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Belgium 1849-1960 in 2 Leuchturm albums, in which various better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 127* (5 Francs), 186** in kleinbogen (vertical fold), 216*, 217* , 235-243 II* (Orval series with violet cancel, cat. € 1500), 333-341 I* (Mercier series with overprint, cat. € 4400, highest value MNH), souvenir sheet 2(*), railway stamps 298** , 356** (2x), souvenir sheet 1-4 I and II** complete (cat. € 3420), Flemish legion stamps etc. Very high catalogue value!

35834 Monaco 1940-1981.


Stockbook with MNH sets of Monaco 1940-1981 in various numbers, including better, blocks of 4, many motifs, etc. Very high catalogue value!

35810 Netherlands covers 1927-1950.


Collection of 24 beautifully franked covers and cards from the Netherlands 1927-1950, all signed by the designer such as Levigne, Hartz, Reitsma-Valença, Pyke Koch etc. Unique lot!

35827 Sovietzone and GDR 1945-1990.


Almost complete (without souvenir sheets), mainly canceled stamp collection Soviet zone and GDR 1945-1990 in Davo album.

35824 Spanish civil war and local issues 1936-1937.


Stockbook with various MNH, mint hinged and used Civil War and local stamps and souvenir sheets of Spain 1936-1937.

35826 Czechoslovakia 1919.


Album with various MNH issues of Czechoslovakia 1919 in sheets and sheet parts, including nice overprint varieties.

35819 France 1849-1867.


Stock card with 3 better stamps of France 1849-1967, namely (Yvert no’s): 5, 6 and 33(*), all with flaws. Catalogue value 4000 euros.