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39645 Netherlands smallround cancels.


Very extensive collection of smallround cancels of the Netherlands from A to Z, including good cancels and various postal cards, in 4 volumes.

39648 Netherlands cancels 1872-1936.


Extensive collection cancels from the Netherlands 1872-1936, including smallround cancels, largeround cancels, name cancels, etc. in 2 albums.

39656 Netherlands pen cancels 1852-1990.


Small stoc book with stamps of the Netherlands 1852-1990 with pen cancels.

39617 Netherlands FDC’s 1962-1983.


Folder with mainly better FDCs from the Netherlands 1962-1983, including child sheets 1966, 1971 (3x), 1973 (3x), 1974 (5x) etc.

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39603 Netherlands coil stamps 1945-2010.


Well filled, mainly MNH, somewhat specialised collection of coil stamps of the Netherlands 1945-2010, including better stamps and strips in 2 stockbooks.

39306 Netherlands 1990-2021!


Complete, MNH stamp collection of the Netherlands 1990-2021, including souvenir sheets in 4 Davo luxe albums with slipcases. Face value from 2001 already 1950 euros. Below face, period 1990-2000 and the 4 expensive albums for free!

39514 Censored covers 1914-1945.


Collection of 53 censored covers, mainly from and to the Netherlands during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, in a small album.

39539 Netherlands gummi cancels 1925-1926.


Nice collection of 169 stamps from the Netherlands 1925-1926 with rubber (test) cancels, mainly on pieces of parcel cards, in stockbook.

39474 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-1960.


Lot of better FDCs from the Netherlands 1950-1960, in which child 1950 (6x), castles and child 1951, Riebeeck 1952 (4x), etc. Somewhat diverse quality, including cut open. Catalogue value over 6600 euros!

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39473 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-1960.


Better FDCs from the Netherlands 1950-1960 in mostly nice quality, including several sent abroad. Also some cut open FDCs, Catalogue value over 3500 euros, in folder.

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39364 Netherlands 1996-2021!


Overcomplete, MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1996-2021, including sheetlets up to 2010, Beautiful Netherlands and typical Netherlands complete up to 2021 in 6 Davo lue albums with slipcases. Face value already more than 3050 euros. So under face and the albums as a gift!

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39321 Netherlands 1940-2019!


MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1940-2019, including more than 1,730 euros of face value material in 2 stockbooks.