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35735 New Zealand 1856-2000.


Highly specialised (types, watermarks, paper, color nuances, varieties, etc.), canceled stamp collection and accumulation New Zealand 1856-2000 in 4 stockbooks, including beautiful part imperforated and perforated Chalons, issue 1873-1878 to 5 shillings, 1891-1908 to 5 shillings, a good part of postal-fiscal stamps, etc.

35832 Western Australia 1893.


Mint (without gum) postal-fiscal stamps of Western Australia 1893, 3 penny to 1 shilling (all 2x, of the 1 shilling 1 copy has a fold). Catalogue value Stanley Gibbons £1250!

35776 New Zealand 1858-1994.


Very nice mint/used/mint never hinged collection, not so strong in early issues, but from 1936 onwards nearly complete incl. sheetlets, also nice back of the book + a collection Ross Dependency from 1957-2016(!), in 3 albums. Offered very cheap!

35787 Papua New guinea covers 1945-1952.


Wonderful collection (airmail)covers, franked with Australian stamps incl. better frankings, destinations, cancellations, many registered items, seldom offerd in such quantity! Great lot for specialist!!

35818 Australia covers 1860-1966.


Nice lot older covers and first day covers including better, also 2 modern (expensive) coincovers

35777 Australian States/Australia 1860-2005.


Used collection in mainly very good condition, including nice Australian States, Australia incl. Kangaroos and George heads, from 1926 virtually complete, in 2 Davo albums.

35378 Australia 1913-1956.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Australia 1913-1956 on album pages and stock sheets in box, in which better stamps such as 1 pound gray kangaroo (watermark CofA), 5 shilling harbor bridge (CTO cancel), postage due stamps etc.

35643 New Zealand life insurance 1891-1981.


Well filled, somewhat specialised, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection New Zealand life insurance stamps 1891-1981 on blank album pages in ring binder, including various covers.

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35507 Australian States cancels 1859-1899.


Nice collection of cancels on Australian States 1859-1899 (New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland), including many clear strikes, also rare material etc. Also some cancels on other British colonies.

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35509 Australia specialised 1912-1971.


Beautiful, canceled, somewhat specialised lot Australia 1912-1971 on album pages in folder, in which an extensive part of kangaroos and George V, including beautiful cancels, plate flaws, inverted watermarks etc. and many blocks of 4, service and postage dues etc.

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35508 Tasmania cancel collection 1899-1908.


Beautiful cancel collection Tasmania 1899-1908 on Pictorial issue on album pages in folder, in which approx. 1400 stamps and 3 covers, including better cancels including Bream Creek type 2b (cancel date 11-03-1912) (RR+), Deep Bay (RR+), Gawler (R), Mooreville Road (RR), Runnymede (R-), Stirling (RR-), Youngtown (R-), etc. Wonderful collection!

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35412 Australian Antarctica covers 1948-1967.


Album with 26 covers from Australian Antarctica 1948-1967, including special cancels, first day envelopes, registered covers etc.

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