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33199 Sovjet Zone 1945-1949.


MNH, mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection Soviet Zone 1945-1949 in 2 albums, in which many plate flaws, covers and cards, complete sheets, special cancels, various varieties, etc.

33092 Allied Zone and DDR 1946-1990.


Fantastic, MNH stamp collection allied Zone and DDR 1946-1990 in 6 albums. The collection contains besides a complete, MNH collection DDR 1945-1990 (including all good stamps and souvenir sheets), many better stamps of the Allied Zone such as (MIchel no’s): common issues allied zone 918c** (Arge signed, in block of 4), 918c POR ndgz** (Arge signed), 923d** (4x, Arge signed), 926c POR dgz** (Arge signed, with top edge), 934b** (Arge signed), 935b** (Arge signed with bottom sheet edge), 935b POR ndgz** (certificate Schlegel), 935F** (Arge signed, different color), 936a POR dgz** (vertical pair, certificate Hohman), 936b POR dgz** (certificate Hohman), 936d** (Arge signed, in block of 4), 914Uu (underside imperforate, certificate Schlegel), 943z POR ndgz** (without watermark, certificate Schlegel), 951c** (Arge signed), 951d** (certificate Schlegel), 956 b POR dgz** (certificate), 956 b POR ndgz** (certificate), 958c** (Arge signed), many Han numbers, DDR 254cc** (certificate), 273b** (certificate), various phase prints (with certificates), 517 Y I** (different watermark, certificate), souvenir sheet 12 IX** (10 pfennig shifted downwards, certificate), etc. Beautiful collection, catalogue value 65,000 ++ euro.

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28611 DDR 1949-1953.


Almost complete, cancelled collection DDR 1949-1953, including Debria and the 4 Karl Marx souvenir sheets in stockbook. High cat. value!

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