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39802 Sudetenland 1938.


Stockpage with 3 CTO souvenir sheets from Sudetenland 1938, Michel Karlsbad sheet 1 and Reichenberg sheet 1 and 4. All sheets signed Mahr BPP. Catalogue value Michel 7000+

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39512 German occupation/territories/locals 1880-1945.


Nice collections of Danzig, Memel and Saar including better, specialised Memel including expertised stamps, lots of the popular German citypost stamps including better, occupation 2nd worldwar etc. in 5 albums/stockbooks. Interesting collection, offered very cheap!

39481 German occupation channel islands 1940-1945.


Wonderful exhibition collection of this sought after material with 1st issue specialised and many covers, bisects on cover, gutterpair on cover, many other rare frankings, documentation, all with descriptions, on exhibition pages. In small box. Ex. collection Nagel!!

39558 Germany 1945-1990.


Extensive, MNH and canceled (also some mint hinged) stock German Zones, Berlin and Bundespost (and some GDR), including many good stamps, in 2 thick stockbooks. High catalogue value!

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39753 Germany and territories 1880-1955.


Nice adventure lot with some Colonies, Saar, Danzig, Reich with combinations and varieties, zones incl. complete sheets, on stockcards, albumpages and loose, in box.

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39562 Germany perfins supercollection 1880-1955.


Incredible collector accumulation of over 65.000!!! (sixty five thousand!!) perfins, totally unpicked, offered as purchased. The wealthy collector bought many good lots over the yeats, wanted to make it into 1 collection, but did not have the time. There are thousands of very scarce and expensive perfins here including figures, on better and high values, in albums, stockbooks, folders and looose, offered at only 10 cents eacht, 3 removal boxes full with adventure and pleasure!!! Ex. collection Nagel!!

39711 Germany 1872-1990.


Very well filled lot Germany 1872-1990, containing many good stamps such as (Michel no’s): German Reich 66 (5 Mark Reichspost), 439 (4 Mark Zeppelin South America flight), 457-458 (2 and 4 Mark Zeppelin polar flight) , 499-507 (Wagner), a good part infla stamps etc. Bundespost 111-112 (4x), 113-115 (4x), 117-120 (5x), 139-140 (4x), 141-142 (3x) , 143-146 (4x), etc. in glassines in stockbook.

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39741 German Reich, Danzig and Saar 1919-1937.


Nicely filled, mainly canceled stamp collection German Empire, Danzig and Saar 1919-1937 on album- and stockpages in folder.

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39658 Germany covers Werl 1724(!)-1890.


Exhibition collection of 49 covers from the town of Werl in Germany. Nice lot!

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39651 Memel 1920-1923.


MNH, mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection Memel 1920-1923, including better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 38a I** in sheet of 25, 132DD** (double overprint), 177PF III* (R instead of P in Klaipeda), etc. in Lindner album.

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39674 Germany varieties 1923-1991.


Small collection of varieties from Germany 1923-1991 on stocksheets in folder.

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39520 German Zones super collection 1945-1949.


Beautiful, specialised, canceled stamp collection German Zones 1945-1949, including many good stamps and souvenir sheets like (Michel no’s): French Zone, general issues 1-13 (2x), Baden 28-37 (37 signed), 36-41 (signed), (42-45 fake cancels), 47-49, 50-52, souvenir sheet 1A, 1B, 2, Rheinland-Pfalz 30-31, 32-41, 42-45, 46-48, souvenir sheet 1, Württemberg 28 -37, 40-43, 44-46, souvenir sheet 1, Soviet Zone 20-22, 26-28, B I (Potschta) on piece (2x), souvenir sheet 1t, 1x, 2x, 4, 5X, 5Y, 6 (Goethe ), local stamps Meissen 2-21, Naumburg I-IV on pieces, British American Zone I/I-IX/I (band overprint), I/II-IX/II (net overprint), various covers, plate flaws, etc. in 2 albums.

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